JV Publishing Is A Sales Company

Focused on delivering the maximum revenue from every sales or marketing opportunity. JV Publishing uses proven technology (Infusionsoft®) to automate the process of Capturing, Nurturing and Converting leads into Customers.  But don’t forget to deliver great Customer Service, Up-sell and Generate Referrals.

Simple, proven lead generations strategies (online & offline) feed the marketing and sales business processes.  The results are guaranteed!

JV Publishing offers Infusionsoft Consulting services on-site & remotely in the UK and globally via remote connection.

Here’s just some of the Projects that are delivering more sales and more profit to customers.

Infusionsoft® Training

  • 1-day Intensive Quick Start
  • Review & Re-M.A.P.
  • Full or Module Set-up
  • Marketing Power User
  • Sales Users Training
  • Affiliate Strategy & Set-up

Marketing Sales

  • Lead Generation
  • Direct Response
  • Using Surveys
  • Winback
  • SMS & Mobile
  • Email Marketing